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Examples of applications
With AQURADO ® modules everything is
clearly arranged - the system has
applications in the most varied of sectors,
for example for workshop garage,
laboratory, office and home…
The 5S-Method
A place for everything... and everything in it´s place
With AQURADO ® you can achieve storage standard to the
5S-Method, and organise your workstation more efficiently.
A well laid out workstation improves working efficiency,
reduces time spent searching and thereby increases
productivity. With just a little time and expense the error
count and safety in the workplace can be improved.
The meaning of the "5 S" Concept:
• Select: Dispose of all unnecessary items in your work-
place, and just keep the essentials.
• Sort: Organise the items essential to your work in the best
layout for quick and easy access.
• Shine: Clean up your work place, and keep it clean.
• Standardise: Make cleanliness and tidiness your personal
concern, and adopt this as standard procedure.
• Self-discipline: Practice the "5 S" Concept daily until it
becomes a habit.
Aqurado ® can help you lay out your work place efficiently
and cost-effectively.